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Teach English - TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) training course

Discover a rewarding career in TEFL...

What’s the secret of those successful TEFL teachers? The ones that seem to find teaching English effortless, the ones their students love and enthuse about?

It’s simple – many of them have watched and absorbed the techniques in the unique Teach-English TEFL Course! It’s so easy to learn from and to put into practice, with involving content, superbly structured – giving you the fruits of literally decades of specialist teaching experience and best practice, including:

  • See how the professionals teach
  • Learn varied and stimulating activities for TEFL
  • How to correct errors
  • Get the basics before your training course
  • Find out how to teach grammar structures
  • See how to teach new vocabulary
  • Discover how to teach through mime
  • Help with pronunciation and intonation
  • Even help your own kids improve their English

You could pay £100s for a course with much poorer content than this, so the Teach-English TEFL Course is a fantastic bargain – and of course if you don’t agree you have our money-back guarantee.

Teach-English training DVD

The Teach-English TEFL Course package gives you:

  • An easy confidence and natural authority in the classroom
  • Lessons you enjoy giving
  • Students who hang on your every word
  • The respect of your fellow teachers
  • An introduction or refresher that you learn at your own pace
  • Best-practice techniques from world-class tutors
  • A profession you can take anywhere in the world
  • An investment that will repay you countless times over

"The video has been of tremendous benefit on pre-service training courses over the years."
Paddy McCann, Uxbridge College

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